From plastic to BASTIC

An ecofriendly solution to plastic products. 100% natural fibre straws and tableware.

Bastic is an Eco-brand that produces industry changing, 100% biodegradable, disposable consumer products.

Our goal is to eliminate plastic from the supply chain and reduce carbon from the global footprint.

Natural fibre straws and tableware are manufactured using responsibly sourced  biodegradable, compostable material and exclude any type of traditional plastics or chemicals. These fully biodegradable products are the first step in creating a “clean” tomorrow.

We aim to build a better future with a sustainable circle of life.


Small choices, big ripples.

Turn your plastic into BASTIC

Turn your non-recyclable black plastic containers into a 100% biodegradable eco-friendly product.



Our products are completely free of conventional plastics and PLA

100% Biodegradable

Break down in the natural environment in 250 days without creating any pollution.


Safely disposable of as general waste after use or burned without releasing any toxic chemicals. **


Eco certificates, Food contact material certificates and Factory quality certificates

Bastic is determined to change the way the world uses disposables with a  biodegradable, compostable alternative.